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Tranquility Pass



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Tranquility Pass Playground Description

Brimming with the best climbers, the Tranquility Pass playground equipment is a fun way to test different muscles, challenge a unique way of thinking and is also an engaging way to interact with friends. This all-in-one climber makes the most out of each of its four distinct climbers. At its center, the Tower of Rings features a series of three suspended rings that kids of all ages will have fun climbing around or through. Surrounding this fun focal are the Vertical Horizon Climber, PE Rock Climber, and the Twisted Rung Climber. The Vertical Horizon Climber is featured in a rounded contour with curved rungs to scale. It is one of the easier challenges, and thus great for the younger playground goers. The PE Rock Climber is an inverted L-shape rock wall with tons of hand and footholds to help kids reach the top for a nice vantage point over their friends’ various activities. The Twisted Rung Climber really takes the cake in terms of forward-thinking movement. The ladder starts out unassuming, then takes a curving twist, inviting children to think strategically and maneuver their bodies in unique ways to hold on and keep going.

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Child Capacity

Fall Height

Post Diameter

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ADA Accessibility

Safety Zone

26' 2" x 29' 1"

Ground Level Accessibility Components


ADA Compliant

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