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Training Day



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Training Day Playground Description

Work your body into tip-top shape! The Training Day fitness course provides a balanced, full-body workout with six different exercise machines. Among the many components is a Quad Station Warm-Up. This provides four separate warm-up activities in order to prepare the body for its workout. The Sky Walker, as its name implies, allows users to walk in place via its gliding steps. When ready to work out the abdominal muscles, there is the well-recognized Sit Up Bench. The Rower provides high endurance exercise that puts both the arm and leg muscles to the test. The Fit Rider stretches and incorporates a most strenuous workout. The Single Station Country Skier mimics much the same movement as if you were actually skiing, working the hands and feet in conjunction with one another. When you seek to work out all muscles of the body, the Training Day is your winning strategy for the best workout.

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Playground Specifications


ADA Accessibility

Safety Zone

13' x30'

ADA Compliant
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