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Tea Cup Merry Go Round

$2,669.00 $2,348.72

grants for playgrounds for schools

$2,669.00 $2,348.72

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Tea Cup Merry Go Round Playground Description

Kids will immediately take delight in this teacup merry go round playground equipment add-on. This commercial playground component works through the power of core and upper body strength in a design proportioned for children ages five to twelve years old. When children step foot inside the teacup they will find curved bench seating and a “table” that serves as their steering wheel for dizzying fun ’round the playground. This setup provides fun and physically fit challenge as children employ their upper body muscles to set the merry go round in motion. This teacup ride evokes the concept of carnival rides while stimulating cooperative play. The Tea Cup Merry Go Round is designed to accommodate as many as eight children at a time. The materials of the teacup merry go round are specifically treated to be corrosion resistant through a process of galvanization. The structure is reinforced to help stand up to the various stresses involved in daily use.

Unit Size: 6′ diameter

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ADA Accessibility

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18' Diameter

ADA Compliant

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