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Square Edge DynaMats



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Square Edge DynaMats Playground Description

The Square Edge Dynamat is composed of reclaimed tire rubber in a square shape for the use of outdoor commercial playgrounds. This mat is intended for use in high traffic areas of the play area. The play mat can stand alone or be used in cooperation with loose fill material to reduce kick-out of the areas beneath your commercial playground equipment. It may also be utilized as a stable slip-resistant surface when firmly adhered to a solid subsurface. This play mat offers comprehensive accessibility, long wear, low maintenance, and shock absorption. While its use it terrific under slides and swing sets, it is also excellent for the entrances and exits of the play system as it also minimizes injury from low fall heights. The mat also lends an attractive presentation of your play area. Instead of a dirty or muddy area beneath your swing set, the DynaMat gives a clean look with high-performance use.

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