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Sierra Nevada



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Sierra Nevada Playground Description

Maximize outdoor fun with the thrill-a-minute ride that is the Sierra Nevada commercial playground equipment. Evocative of a world-class obstacle course, this outdoor play system delivers on all fronts with a plethora of sensory, motor skills, cognitive skills, and social building benefits. The Leaf Climber, Arch Ladder, PE Climber Attachment, Vertical Inverted Horizon Climber, Net Climber, Rung Challenge Climber, Twisted Rung Ladder, Honeycomb Net Climber and Vertical Horizon Climber invite kids to climb over, under and all around for exciting problem solving and strength challenging fun. Because kids can’t help but test the limits of the world around them, this playset is equipped with a Circle Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder, Overhead Straight Trapezoid Loop Ladder, and Rung Challenge Climber. The Tower of Rings is a unique element because kids can sit on it, climb through it, over it or along the sides of it to express their individual way of exploration. Topping it all off and providing partial protection from the sun is the large Hex Shade.

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