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Rubber Wear Swing Mat 4 x 2

$124.00 $109.12

$124.00 $109.12

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Rubber Wear Swing Mat 4 x 2 Playground Description

This Rubber Wear Swing Mat is specially designed to provide safety from falls and slipping at your outdoor commercial playground. They are also excellent for preventing the spread of mulch, gravel, and dirt, especially as children are dismounting from a trip down a slide when their momentum might otherwise kick up a lot of debris. It is ready to provide traction and can handle any impact, which is terrific for high traffic areas of your playground. This mat is best used under swings, slides or any potentially high impact areas. It is constructed of 100% recycled tires for reliable durability. This effective playground barrier adds fall protection, helping children stay safe during play. This mat provides an extra layer of shock absorption to existing loose surfaces. It is easy to install and no stakes are needed. They are designed to provide extra cushioning and make the perfect finishing touch for your commercial playground.

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