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Round Nexus Pedestal Table with Diamond Pattern


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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Round Nexus Pedestal Table with Diamond Pattern Playground Description

The Round Nexus Pedestal Table with Diamond Pattern is a circular outdoor picnic table with a sturdy design that supports the table as well as each of its four seats. The structure is held up by five thick metal beams which are all connected to each other. Each of the seats on the circular pedestal table are slightly wider than those found on the other pedestal table models, potentially offering even more seating. And since each of the seats are separate from the others, getting in and out of them is no hassle. If requested, the table can also be customized to exclude one or two of the seats to allow for greater accessibility for wheelchairs. Each of the seats is spaced a reasonable distance away from the center of the table to offer each person plenty of leg-room, and the table top has an impressive diameter of 46 inches, offering plenty of space for activities like arts and crafts or potluck meals.

4 Seats
3 Seats ADA
2 Seats ADA
Finish: Standard or Extreme
Mount: In-Ground or Surface

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