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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Roseland Playground Description

Bigger is always better! The Roseland commercial playground equipment is full of adventure and exploration The peak 5-foot elevation of the structure allows children to enjoy the exhilarated heights when whooshing down the twin Straight Slides. This level is partially shaded by a single Line Roof with accessibility on either side via a Snake Climber and Ribbon Climber. Certainly, the fun begins well before this. a Transfer Station leads up to a 36″ elevated deck shaded by a Line Roof, with 42″ elevated deck neighboring with Bubble Panel lookout and next door 48″ elevated platform with Figure Climber and Double Slide. Another platform abuts this deck at a 54″ elevation with Pod Climber and super fun Fireman Pole. When not on the ascending decks, overhead climbers make a perfect setting to give children a boost of confidence as they work their way across the 90 Degree Overhead Swinging Ring Ladder, Overhead Single Parallel Bar Ladder and Pull Up Bar. For children who aren’t yet ready for these upper body challenges, a Single Drum, Ship’s Wheel, Rain Wheel, and Bongos offer a chance for both dramatic play and musical composition.

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29' 3" x 43' 10"

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ADA Compliant

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