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Pixel Fence



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Pixel Fence Playground Description

Make a statement of fun at your school or park playground with this Pixel Fence commercial playground equipment. This large climbing event is made up of eight-pixel panel climbers. The unique design concept cleverly presents the panels in an easy to play layout that is still moderately difficult to conquer. The pixel climbers are built with cube-shaped protrusions and indents that act as a place for children to hold or step up onto. The event can be tackled up and down, but the real adventure is in traversing it from side to side. The “fence” part of this climbing event reveals two rows of pixel climbers with space in between. This makes it easy for kids who want to shimmy across its length. There are plenty of look-through passages for children to keep an eye out on what’s going on around the playground. The winding shape makes it fun but also engaging so that children can play, interact and pretend for hours on end!

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