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Perforated Steel Double Pedestal Bench


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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Perforated Steel Double Pedestal Bench Playground Description

The Perforated Steel Double Pedestal Bench with Back is two benches in one, with a unique double-sided design. This incredibly efficient structure mounts a pair of benches on a shared set of pedestals to create a high-capacity bench that can seat large numbers of people at once. These pedestals are thick and sturdy, which allows them to safely support both seats even when fully occupied. Much like our single pedestal models, these benches are made from high-quality commercial grade materials which are designed to withstand just about anything that mother nature could throw at them. Their high-quality steel is protected by one of three weather resistant coatings which are available to choose from. This selection of coatings allow you to find the ideal bench for your price range, as well as the outdoor conditions of the area where it is being installed.

Length: 6′,8′
Finish: Standard or Extreme
Mount: In-Ground, Surface

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ADA Compliant
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