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Perforated Steel Contoured Bench with Arms


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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Perforated Steel Contoured Bench with Arms Playground Description

The Perforated Steel Contoured Bench with Back is a stylish and comfortable bench which looks great in any outdoor setting, whether it is a park, play area, or simply outside of a building. There are hardly any places where people won’t appreciate a place to sit, rest, or use their phones for a few minutes. The seat and back of this bench are made from a single sheet of perforated steel, which gives it a sturdy structure and unified appearance. The sheet is curved to form both the seat and back of the bench, while also providing contoured support for the lower back and lumbar regions of its users. The perforated oles are small enough to be virtually unnoticible for someone sitting on it, while still allowing moisture to drain so that the seat stays dry. They also give it a playful polka-dotted appearance.

Length: 4′,6′
Finish: Standard or Extreme
Mount: In-Ground, Surface, or Portable

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ADA Compliant
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