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Medium Dog Park Kit

$7,586.00 $6,675.68

$7,586.00 $6,675.68

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Medium Dog Park Kit Playground Description

This Medium Dog Park Kit is a BARK-riffic addition to your dog park, community park or multi-family complex venue. It features a variety of activities for pets and owners alike in a dog-themed aesthetic. The kit includes a Leash Post that accommodates up to four leashes so that dogs are able to safely roam on their own. There is also a Square Table with Four Accessory Arms where owners can rest a spell while their pups frolic and play. For training or simply for fun, there are four obstacles for dogs to interact with. There is a Crawl Tunnel to dart through and a series of five Stepping Bones to hop across. A Dog Hurdle with adjustable heights fits the height of the dog’s size and ability. Finally, there is a Three Hoop Dog-Shaped Jump. This obstacle allows the dog to leap back and forth as they reach each different hoop.

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