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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Marietta Playground Description

A childhood paradise! That’s what the Marietta commercial playground equipment brings to your local community. With boundless decks, slides and climbing elements, not to mention plenty of creativity-packed play events, this outdoor play structure is designed to be a crowd pleaser. Two spacious hexagon decks take center stage, accompanied by a square deck and triangular deck, all of which are sounded by a unique collection of slides and climbers. A Transfer Station is the easiest and fastest route to the first 48″ elevated hex deck, while an adventurous Cyclone Climber Attachment and Inverted Arch Bridge also head straight up to this level. A Gear Panel provides on-deck play, with a 4-foot Straight Slide that whooshes back down to ground level. Children can take the Incline Arch Bridge to the next hex deck that sits at a height of 60″ elevation. This deck is directly accessed by a Mini Arch Bridge. From here, the playset branches off to a 5 foot Double Slide in one direction, with a 7-foot Straight Slide off in another direction. For those who want to seek out the thrill of the 7-foot slide, again and again, a Ribbon Climber takes them right to their destination. Loaded with on-ground play activities, this recreational playground equipment offers ADA compliant inclusive play with such features as a cool Ship’s Wheel, Bench Panel for rest, engaging Store Panel, engine-revving Car Panel, and musical Single Drum. Great fun for the grade school kids ages five to twelve!

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50' 11" x 42' 2"

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ADA Compliant

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