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Ground to Deck Pixel

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Ground to Deck Pixel Playground Description

Step away from the boring in into something trendy and timeless! The Ground to Deck Pixel climber attachment is a great climber for commercial playground equipment that stimulates minds and muscles alike. As children reach and plan their climbing routes along the special pixilated hand and foot holds, they will be developing key motor skills, hand-eye coordination, body strength, and agility. Not to mention, kids will have a blast pretending they are in the digital realm of some of their favorite video games. With plenty of blocky holds, children can scale the climber to reach the elevated platforms of your outdoor play system and enjoy the journey. It’s a fun way to get kids talking and socializing while keeping them physically fit. There are so much adventure and imagination to be enjoyed on this climber, making it a great event for children ages five to twelve years old.

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