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Elite High Back Bucket Seat

$116.00 $102.08

$116.00 $102.08

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Elite High Back Bucket Seat Playground Description

The Elite High Back Bucket Seat is a toddler-friendly seat designed to keep them safe when introduced to the joys of swinging. It has an ergonomic shape that supports the child in an upright position so they remain seated and unable to tip over or fall out. Ready for commercial use, this is a great swing for parks, schools or multifamily residences. The seat features a steel insert which lends it a highly durable construction that greatly reduces any possibility of the seat seeing damage. Due to the seat’s design, younger children will require assistance in and out of the seat as well as an adult or older child willing to push them or provide a starting momentum. As they discover the joys of being propelled forward and having gravity swing them back again, they will grow fond of the experience and seek out swings as they grow older. For easy attachment to your swing set, this seat is outfitted with metal loops on either side.

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