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Double Clevis Connector



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Double Clevis Connector Playground Description

The Double Clevis Connector is a modern-day connector for the contemporary commercial playground equipment. It is designed for use with your outdoor swing sets. This security accessory imbues any swing set with a high level of safety that is used in replacement of an S-hook or other similar hardware that is traditionally used for a tire swing. This reliable connector is composed of durable galvanized steel that is both secure and tamper resistant. The intent of this connector is to secure the tire swing to its chain. Its dimensions are 3.25-inch long and 1-7/8-inch wide. In order to unlock and open this connector, a Clevis Key is required, making it the best choice for the top security of your recreational playground equipment. The double clevis connector ensures a smooth function for various swing sets that creates a secure play environment in which children can explore and interact with year after year.

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