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Craggy Series Turn Section

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Craggy Series Turn Section Playground Description

Looking to add a fun, unique and challenging element to your Craggy Series playground event? This Craggy Series Turn Section is a great piece to customize your rocky wall climber to create exciting visual interest as well as thrilling and stimulating playtime. Similar to its Craggy Climber counterparts, this turn section boasts natural rocky details that make it look like the real thing. It also is built with injection molded hand and foot grips which are carefully spaced to create a rousing climbing challenge for kids ages five to twelve years of age. This climber features to holes, or “windows,” that can be used as a foothold or that of a look-through to peer at those on the other side of the playground. This particular Craggy Climber section has a gentle curve, which gives the structure added dimension while making it more stimulating than a basic linear wall.

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