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Clevis Connector Security Wrench

$2.50 $2.20

$2.50 $2.20

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Clevis Connector Security Wrench Playground Description

The Clevis Connector Security Wrench for commercial playground equipment swings ensures a safe and secure play environment for children as they grow, learn and play physically, mentally and socially. This strong and durable connector is vital to the safe and proper functioning of your outdoor play system swing. The clevis connector is well suited for connecting purposes for reliable performance and protection security. The tamper resistant link of the clevis connectors needs to be locked and unlocked by using the clevis key, outfitting your play structure with even more safety measures only you and your maintenance team can control. These crucial clevis keys are known by the name of PCS007 keys. There are two types of keys available for opening this clevis connector lock and are the PCS005 and PCS006 keys. If you have a clevis connector with the intent of the support and safety of your children, then the clevis keys are a must to maintain proper security access.

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