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Beveled Edge DynaMats



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Beveled Edge DynaMats Playground Description

Add a measure of safety, inclusion and avoid unsightly divots in your play area with Beveled Edge DynaMats. These hearty mats come in four different sizes to accommodate your playground’s specific needs. The mat’s main purpose is to maintain loose fill beneath swings and at the glide exits, however, it is also a fantastic accompaniment to the entrances and exits of your play area with beveled edges that are easier for wheelchairs or other mobility-enhancers to ride up and over without getting stuck in the dirt or loose fill. It offers a shock absorbency for shorter fall heights. These beveled edge mats are made from recycled rubber and designed particularly for commercial use. Use to protect the ground beneath your swing sets and slide exits to keep the ground from unsightly divots. These mats not only offer a streamlined way to keep your play area well kept and tidy in appearance, but also serve to offer a higher measure of safety to children playing on your playground.

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