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Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Ardmore Playground Description

The Ardmore commercial playground equipment packs the most fun possible into its outdoor playground design. This recreational play structure makes it easy for young kids and children with mobility challenges to reach the first deck with Transfer Station with hand railings. A more challenging Sea Creature Panel also leads to this first deck where a fun little 4-foot slide rides down to ground level. A Tube Bridge makes the journey to the proceeding deck a memorable one in which kids will want to repeat time and time again. This deck is accessible via an Inverted Arch Climber and boasts a Wave Slide. An enclosed set of stairs leads to a deck of 72″ elevation with 6-foot Straight Slide and unique Twisted Arch Ladder. A Bubble Panel boarders this deck, looking out over the rest of the playground. Three Square Roofs cover the decks to offer rain and UV protection on top of temperature moderation. A creative, musically inspiring Rain Wheel and Bongos are located at ground level, as well as that of an educational Half Math Panel.

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