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8 Feet High Elite Arch Post Tire Swing



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

8 Feet High Elite Arch Post Tire Swing Playground Description

There’s nothing quite like a tire swing to bring out the camaraderie and social spirit of children. This 8 Feet High Elite Arch Post Tire Swing is a fun and exciting play event for a commercial playground equipment setup that can be enjoyed solo or with a friend. Incorporating important safety features like the spaced-out legs for plenty of room to securely move around, this arch post tire swing is all in when it comes to safe fun! It is also not your one-dimensional swing, but a modern feat of ingenuity that can move in all directions, making it all the more attractive to curious and playful young minds. The design makes it easy to move around, making it operable for kids to take turns pushing each other and rounding out a fulfilling playground experience.

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23' x 28'

ADA Compliant
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