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3 Pods Free Standing Pod Climber

$752.00 $661.76

$752.00 $661.76

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

3 Pods Free Standing Pod Climber Playground Description

Get a step up on fun using this 3 Pods Free Standing Pod Climber. This medium-height climber attachment works the upper body and helps develop strength. Its straight vertical ascent promotes balance while creating a challenging way for children to access the elevated platforms of your commercial playground structure. The steps are round and encompass the entire circumference around the central post, allowing them to be accessed from any side. The pod steps are outfitted with three open spaces that are excellent for use as hand holds. This makes them easier to climb, especially for younger children who are not tall enough to reach the vertical safety rail at the top of the structure. Once the child reaches this top rail, they can use it to give them a final boost on and over to the deck level of your outdoor playground equipment or merely to gain a new vantage point of their play environment. 

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