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3.5 Inch Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

3.5 Inch Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum Playground Description

The 3.5-inch Swing Hanger with Clevis Pendulum is an indispensable part for the security and installment of your commercial playground swing set. It is used for connecting the swing chain to the top rail. The top fastener is bolted together in two places so that it is more resilient against breaking or slipping. The clevis pendulum is constructed to produce an extremely secure connection that still permits the swing to move freely. What sets this swing hanger apart from others is its design that fastens the swing chain without the use of a chain cutter or S-hook. This streamlined model is one of the most lightweight, yet extremely durable swing hangers available that is also cost-effective. It is a great accessory for anyone looking to further customize or upgrade a preexisting playground swing set. The installation is simple and straightforward, allowing for quick installation with great assurance of quality.

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