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Pixel ZigZag



Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

Pixel ZigZag Playground Description

The pinnacle of playtime fun is due in large part to a playground’s climbing events. Add this Pixel Zigzag climber and watch the excitement level in children soar! This mega climbing event highlights four unique pixel climber panels in an upright, zigzag position. The panels feature square blocks used as foot and hand holds in differing extensions that make the climbers visually appealing as well as adventurous to scale. The height of the panels provides a safe climbing environment while still proving moderately challenging. The vertical distance is still significant for climbing excitement, but the back and forth is where things really get rolling! The gentle back and forth shape of the wall provides a bit of a challenge as children strategize on ways to reach the next panel. Along with a large overall surface area, kids will find square holes and spaces between the panels, perfect for peering at friends on the other side of the climber.

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