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10 Feet Merry Go Round

$6,640.00 $5,843.20

church playground equipment

$6,640.00 $5,843.20

Meets National Standards for ASTM F1487-1   CPSC Guidelines #325

10 Feet Merry Go Round Playground Description

The merry go round is a favorite playground ride for kids of all ages! This large merry go round reveals modern safety features for the contemporary playground with extra railings and a speed governor that regulates the rotation per minute for heightened playground safety. This super-sized merry go round has the capacity to hold up to sixteen children at once, which is perfect for high traffic playgrounds. This is a terrific playground equipment add-on to strengthen muscles and develop coordination among children. Because it requires cooperation to get the ride moving, this commercial playground component is great for encouraging team spirit and engaging social interaction. This recreational playground equipment is best suited for children ages five years and up. Due to its durable construction, this outdoor playground equipment requires minimal maintenance. This inclusive merry go round adds whirling, spinning motion activity to your playground for exciting, tummy-tickling play children will enjoy for years to come.

Unit Size: 10′ Diameter

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ADA Accessibility

Safety Zone

22' Diameter

ADA Compliant

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