Artificial Turf - Kiddie Cushion Playground Safety Surfacing
Safety Surfacing
Rubber Mulch Playground Safety Surfacing - Poured in place safety surfacing

Kiddie Cushion Wood Fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber is the most popular choice, installed at 75% of all playgrounds. It is the easiest (and typically least-expensive) option to install and can often be locally sourced.

Good impact attenuation, natural appearance, lowest cost option up front, ADA compliant when installed correctly.

Requires regular maintenance (raking and replenishing), costs to replenish and maintain will add up over time, can compact over time, may attract pests and weeds if not properly maintained.

Rubber Mulch

Recycled Rubber Mulch is another loose-fill safety surfacing option. It degrades much more slowly than wood mulch and does not require as much depth for equal impact attenuation.

Provides good impact absorption, low maintenance, resistant to weather and insects, available in various colors, made from recycled materials.

Can become displaced over time, may require occasional topping up, initial installation cost can be high, colors and product can oxidize and become brittle and stain kids hands and clothes after time.

Poured In Place Rubber Safety Surfacing

A premium option for playgrounds, Poured-in-Place is a unitary safety surface that requires little maintenance and adds a great appearance to your playground.

Offers excellent impact attenuation, customizable designs and colors, low maintenance, seamless surface reduces tripping hazards.

Higher initial cost, professional installation required, may need occasional repairs for cracks or damage.

Artificial Turf

Another premium option for playgrounds, this unitary surface mimics real grass and includes impact attenuating padding underneath the turf. This option can look great and blend into natural backgrounds.

Durable, provides consistent surface, requires minimal maintenance, can be used year-round, drains well.

Higher initial cost, can get hot in direct sunlight, may need occasional brushing to maintain appearance, not as soft as some other surfaces.

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