Royal excitement abounds on Watling Wardship, yet another offering from’s Castle Series of play structures. The flags atop the rounded roofs of Watling Wardship will serve as lodestars to guide your playground-goers to their destination, and once there, kids will find no shortage of enticing play elements. The Store and Bench Panels offer simple yet intuitive ways for kids to rest and recuperate. Additionally, just behind the two panels lies a small shaded area, perfect for children who wish to beat the heat on a sunny, summer day. The Ship’s Wheel and Bongos also reside on the ground level, and offer distinct avenues of play. Moving up Watling Wardship using either the Draw Bridge Climber or the Overhead Straight Horizontal Ladder, kids will notice the Pinball Activity Panel as well as the Hare and Tortoise Race Panel, both of which challenge kids and their hand-eye coordination skills. When ready, your playground-goers can choose to descend back down to the ground using either of the two Wave Slides or the Right Turn Slide.

Watling Wardship

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Child Capacity:


Safety Zone:

31′ 10″ x 34′ 7″

Fall Height:


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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