Add the eccentric Sunrise Climber to your playground! The distinct metal framework provides greater stability and will not sway when climbing or during rough play, enabling multiple children to play at once. The outer diameter of the bars is 4.5 inches, which is small enough so that children can fully wrap their hands around the posts for a more secure grip. This is a special climber that will provide a full-body workout for children. Kids will use their arms, legs, and mind as they move about this unique framework. Spaced apart, the rings will get kids to think about their next move and work on body coordination. They will also need to engage their core to stay balanced. Kids can also throw balls through the hoops for extra hours of fun. Customize the unit to your liking by picking from a large collection of color options.

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Sunrise Climber

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Product Specifications

Model Number PGS011
Age Range 5 – 12 years
Child Capacity 5 – 8
Fall Height 96″
Post Diameter 4.5-inch
Product Type Active Play
Safety Zone 12′ 4″ x 20′ 6″

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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