Thrilling adventures and excitement abound on Raiding Wreckage. Among the various treasures nestled within Raiding Wreckage, several enticing ground-level activities can be utilized, including a Rain Wheel, Bongos, as well as a row of Pebble Climbers connecting the two portions of Raiding Wreckage. Once kids have had their fill of ground-level excitement, they can make their way up any of the climbers found on Raiding Wreckage. After ascending either the Rock Wall Climber, the Draw Bridge Climber, the Pod Climber, or the steel stairs, children will encounter a host of thrilling play options. For kids that could use a break from physical exertion, the Gear Panel and the Hare and Tortoise Race Panels are natural choices. The Suspension Bridge is a fun way for playground-goers to test their balance skills, while the Fireman Pole gives them an easy, safe way to reach the ground level. Lastly, the three slides offered by Raiding Wreckage allow kids to whoosh safely back down the ground and begin the fun anew. 

Raiding Wreckage


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Product Specifications

Model Number PCT021
Age Range 5 – 12 years
Child Capacity 51 – 55
Fall Height 84″
Post Diameter 3.5-inch
Product Type Castle
Safety Zone 44′ 5″ x 47′ 7″


Elevated 14 Components
Ground Level 5 Components

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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