The Pawtucket play structure is an ideal playground outpost for young children under the age of six. The main part of the structure is a square tower with a 3-foot deck height. This makes it a safe height, even for young children, but still tall enough for it to be interesting. The deck can be reached by using either the Spiral Climber or the Transfer Station Stairs, located on opposite sides of the structure. The Spiral Climber offers a fun vertical climb, while the Transfer Station acts as an easy stairway that is designed for accessibility. Between these two entrances, there is a single Right Turn Slide, which provides a fast and fun way back down. Pawtucket even has a Metal Barrier with a Ship’s Wheel mounted on it, so that kids can pretend to be at the helm of a massive imaginary vessel. This is a structure that provides all of the essential playground elements in one affordable package.


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Product Specifications

Model Number  PKP194
Age Range 2 – 5 years
Child Capacity 11 – 13 
Fall Height  36″
Post Diameter 3.5-inch
Product Type FreeStyle Series
Safety Zone 20′ 6″ x 21′ 6″


Elevated 3 components
Ground Level 1 component

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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