As a hub for playground fun, the Olympia play structure is certain to offer kids everything that they’re looking for. While places for kids to climb and slide are to be expected on most complete play structures, Olympia’s extra features make it truly a unique and wonderful model. It has a Gear Panel built onto on of the upper platforms, which has colorful plastic gear shapes that kids can rotate. Directly below that, there is a Bench Panel, where they can sit and socialize with their friends. The structure features a raised Tube Bridge which links the structure’s three-foot-tall platforms. The Spiral Climber has a tightly coiled metal shape which provides a unique climbing challenge for kids, encouraging them to go around and around instead of just up. And of course, there are two great slides: a Wave Slide and a Right Turn Slide.


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Product Specifications

Model Number PKP152 
Age Range 2 – 5 Years
Child Capacity 23 – 27
Fall Height 36″
Post Diameter 3.5-inch
Product Type FreeStyle Series
Safety Zone 22′ 8″ x 31′ 7″


Elevated 5 components
Ground Level 2 components

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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