Children delight in the sound and vibration of our musical Mushrooms! The whimsical cap makes a resounding gong when struck. Our Mushroom Ensemble makes a wonderful statement in any outdoor environment and when all 3 of them are played at the same time, the sound can be quite mesmerizing.



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Product Specifications

Model Number MUSH
Manufacturer Freenotes Harmony Park
Age Range 2-12 year olds
Category Musical Play
Style Bell Plate

Small: 26- 1/2”H x 20-1/4”W x 19-7/8”D

Medium: 28-1/8”H x 24.3/8”H x 24”D

Large: 30- 1/2”H x 27-7/8”W X 27-1/2”D


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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