With Hemyock Halls, every time of year is the right time to deck the Halls with boughs of fun. Hemyock Halls is another addition to PlaygroundEquipment.com’s Castle Series, which seeks to bring a unique medieval feel to playgrounds all across America. Boasting twin flagged towers, Hemyock Halls will be visible from outside your playground, and will serve as a lodestar of exciting playground fun. At the base of the structure, playground-goers are sure to appreciate the Bench Panel and Store Panel, both of which are great for kids who wish to take a break from playing and socialize with their friends. Additionally, the area beneath Hemyock Halls serves as a cool, shaded area, ideal for the hot, sunny days of summer. As children make their way up Hemyock Halls using either the Castle Rock Wall Climber or the Draw Bridge Climber, they’re sure to notice the Pinball Activity Panel and Tortoise and Hare Race Panel, both of which are great for exercising their hand-eye coordination. Lastly, playground-goers will choose to slide down either the Right turn Slide, the Wave Slide, or the Straight Slide. Thanks to its intuitive, creative design, Hemyock Halls will have kids coming back to play for years to come.

Hemyock Halls


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Product Specifications

Child Capacity:


Safety Zone:

36′ 1″ x 26′ 5″

Fall Height:


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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