Glacier Bay is the ultimate playground structure for children of all ages and abilities. This thrilling play system features multiple slides, climbers, activity panels, and a tower to keep children engaged and active. Whether your child loves to climb, slide, or explore, Glacier Bay has something for everyone.

What sets Glacier Bay apart is its full accessibility, with a wheelchair ramp and several ground-level components designed for inclusive play. Children of all abilities can enjoy this exciting play structure alongside their peers, promoting socialization and community-building.

Constructed with high-quality materials, Glacier Bay is designed to withstand years of heavy use and extreme weather conditions. The play system is also fully customizable, allowing you to choose from various color schemes and add-ons to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Overall, Glacier Bay is the perfect addition to any park, school, or community space, providing a safe and engaging environment for children to play, learn, and grow.

Glacier Bay

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Child Capacity:


Safety Zone:

43′ 1″ x 55′ 11″

Fall Height:


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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