Fortnight Festival is another, one-of-a-kind play structure from’s Castle Series! While many play structures tend to have the same general look and feel to them, Fortnight Festival’s unique castle theme makes it stand out from the rest, offering kids a wide range of activities to engage in. Kids have the option of entering the festive castle by way of the Transfer Station or the Castle Rock Wall Climber. Before crossing the Long Bones Bridge, children can stimulate creative and imaginative play with either the Wheel of Activity Panel or the Finger Maze Panel. The Inclined Tube Bridge leads to the highest point of the castle where playground adventurers will discover a Ball Maze Panel and three different thrilling slides. Kids can choose whether to slide down to ground level via the Spiral Slide, Left Turn Slide, or the Tube Slide. Ground level activities include a Bench Panel where children can take a break, a Rain Wheel, and an interactive Store Panel. Children will have no shortage of play options to choose from with the Fortnight Festival play structure.

Fortnight Festival


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Product Specifications

Child Capacity:


Safety Zone:

34′ 9″ x 39′ 11″

Fall Height:


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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