Using steppers at a playground can greatly benefit children of all ages. Products like the Flower Stepping Path (Set of 5) can help children build their strength and practice many physical skills, making this a great, vibrant option for any site. These stepping pods are unlike any other, as they include a galvanized steel post as the flower’s “stem,” and polyethylene plastic flowers with grips that help children keep their balance while playing. Imagination and creativity are also big selling points, as children will feel like they are a butterfly or ladybug in a garden, gracefully moving from leaf to leaf and learning to be mindful of where they step. This helps improve depth perception, as well as coordination skills, all while kids have fun. The Flower Stepping Path will surely stimulate the minds of kids and encourage better balance and motor skills. The Flower Stepping Path will be a hit at any school, church or other outdoor space.

Flower Stepping Path (Set of 5)


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Product Specifications

Model Number:  PFS067
Age Range:  2 – 12
Child Capacity: 5
Fall Height:  26″
Product Type:  Balance
Safety Zone:  13′ 5″ x 21′ 2″

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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