The Double Station Glider is a perfect way to get some vital cardio exercise individually, or with a partner. It is a particularly good piece of equipment for areas which don’t have a sufficiently large area to run around in. The station is designed to move smoothly and fluidly, with just enough physical resistance to provide good exercise. It focuses on cardio, lower body, and leg exercises, but has hand grips to keep the upper body moving as well. If a user’s legs start to get tired, they can distribute more of their strength to the hand bars to keep going. The handles have padded grips, and the foot pads have a high traction surface to prevent slipping. What’s most interesting about this device is that the foot pads on each side are connected by the same bar, which means using one side moves the other side as well. Two people using it simultaneously will have to move in synch with each other for it to glide smoothly.

Double Station Glider

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Product Specifications

Model Number PFT058 
Age Range 13 years +
Muscle Group Cardio
Product Type Fitness Double
Unit Size 1′ 10″ x 5′ 2″

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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