Introducing the latest addition to our musical garden collection – the Botanical Garden Ensemble! This unique ensemble is designed to bring the joy of music and nature together.

The ensemble consists of two gorgeous Flowers, each flanked by complementary Butterflies that add a whimsical touch to the overall design. The Tenor Tree, a tall and elegant piece, provides a deep and melodious sound, while the Lilypad Cymbals add a touch of rhythm and movement to the garden.

The highlight of this ensemble, however, is undoubtedly our patent-pending Mushrooms. These three playful shapes are not only visually stunning, but also produce a harmonious and soothing sound that complements the rest of the ensemble perfectly.

Together, the Botanical Garden Ensemble creates a full chorus of organic shapes and sounds that are designed to inspire a botanical concert in any environment. If you are looking to add a touch of nature to your community park, this ensemble is sure to impress.

So why wait? Bring the joy of music and nature together with the Botanical Garden Ensemble and experience the beauty and harmony of nature in a whole new way!

Botanical Garden


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Product Specifications

Model Number Freenotes Botanical Garden Ensemble
Manufacturer Freenotes Harmony Park
Age Range 2-12 year olds
Category Musical Play
Style Ensemble
Dimensions N/A

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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