Visible from a great distance are the flags atop Banneret Borough, another enticing offering from’s Castle Series of commercial play structures. Filled with fun amenities to stimulate children’s imaginations, Banneret Borough was designed to deliver exciting playground experiences for all who play on it. At the base of this structure, kids will relish the opportunity to play percussive tunes on the Single Drum, or to envision themselves at the helm of their own ship using the Rain Wheel. Additionally, the Crawl Through Panel provides a small, shaded area, perfect for those hot, sunny days when kids could use a break from the heat. To reach the elevated portion of Banneret Borough, your young squires will climb either the Vertical Ladders, the Spiral Climber, or the Draw Bridge Climber. Once there, they’ll have ample opportunity to utilize any of Banneret Borough’s activity panels, including the Chime Panel, the Pinball Activity Panel, or the Chime Panel. The Tube Slide will provide a fitting end to your playground-goers’ adventure as they whoosh back down to the surface.

Banneret Borough

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Child Capacity:


Safety Zone:

29′ 2″ x 39′ 7″

Fall Height:


Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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