Enhance your tire swing experience with the 3-½ inch Top Rail Swivel Hanger for Tire Seat with 3 Loops, designed with coated galvanized steel and a black rubber boot for lasting durability and withstanding tough conditions found on the common outdoor playground. There are 3 loops meant for attaching and installing the chains that will hold the up swing. This product provides 360 degree rotation for your tire seat to keep your swing chains from becoming a potential hazard by preventing entanglement and encouraging safe and fun swinging experiences. This swivel hanger is made to be easy-to-install and maintain; just attach the shackles to the swivel and swing and connect the two with three swing chains. The hanger itself is compact and light enough to ensure users will have no trouble lifting and attaching it to their desired base on a 3.5 inch top rail. Contact a sales representative to learn more about the compatibility of this swivel for your project.

3-½ inch Top Rail Swivel Hanger for Tire Seat with 3 Loops


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Product Specifications

Model Number PCS012
Product Type Swing Set Parts

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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