The 3-feet High Boulder Climber is an exciting new climber design that imitates the experience of climbing natural rocks. The ‘rocks’ have a realistic coarse texture and appear to be separate pieces, although they are actually a single highly detailed rotationally molded piece of plastic. The solid structure makes it impossible for kids to accidentally get their hands and feet stuck inside the rocks. The rocky appearance of this climber feeds children’s imaginations, encouraging them to pretend that they are climbing around in a wild landscape. The flat-topped boulders provide excellent stepping stones which children can easily and safely climb, stand, and balance on. Its 3-foot height makes it safe for children to climb all over, but this climber should still only be installed on a proper loose-fill playground surface like rubber or wood mulch. Try adding it to other rocky climbing structures from our Art and Nature section to expand the nature theme.

3-feet High Boulder Climber

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Product Specifications

Model Number PFS039
Age Range  5 – 12 years
Fall Height 36″
Product Type Climbing
Safety Zone 15′ 4″ x 17′ 2″

Meets National Standards for:

ASTM F1487 - 17

CPSC Guidelines #325

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