Playground Installation Tips

We live in a world where there always seems to be some assembly required. Commercial playground equipment is no different. By following the tips listed here your equipment will be put together correctly, properly maintained and enjoyed by children with the right amount of adult supervision.

But before you pull out the tool kit, you have to ensure that the location set aside for the playground equipment is ready for this project.

Tip 1 – Check Project Legal Needs

This means confirming with authorities in your community that you have all the required permits and will meet existing building codes and other municipal requirements.

Tip 2 – Check Utilities

Underground utility lines should be marked, if any exist, before excavation. A simple survey conducted by your utility provider will take care of this for you.

Tip 3 – Drainage

The ground where the playground equipment will sit should be graded to level, or as close as possible. Proper drainage around the equipment and their supports is crucial. Check soil and drainage conditions around the site and ask local contractors for the best solutions.

Once you have completed these steps you are ready for the next phase of the playground equipment installation project.

Playground Shipment/Equipment Information

Tip 1 – Inventory Playground Shipment

It’s always a good idea to make sure that all the parts and pieces you ordered are in the packages that made up your shipment. You don’t want to get partway through installation and discover something is missing or there are extra parts you don’t need. You have 48-hours to let us know if something is missing or damaged and we will replace it at no cost. When you order from us, you will receive a Shipping Checklist. Use that as your reference when opening your packages.

Tip 2 – Playground Storage

You may not be able to assemble all the equipment within the first few days of delivery. That’s okay but you should have a plan in place to store everything until you can dedicate the time required for installation. Keeping the packages in a controlled environment such as a storage container or inside a building is a good option to consider but avoid long-term storage.

It has finally arrived – that day you will be putting together the playground equipment. Here are a few tips to make that project a bit easier on you.

Playground Installation

Tip 1 – Building and Assembly

The most logical method of installation that will prevent a lot of issues is starting from the center core of the structure and working out from there. Once all the components have been attached and everything has been leveled and measured, only then can you concrete the posts. No matter how much you want to, DO NOT concrete the posts first. Trust us on this one. This is a problem that most self-installing customers have and it can cause a lot of problems in your playground build.​

Tip 2 – Stick To The Instructions

Never add components that are not approved by the manufacturer as this will void the warranty. Just stick to the instructions we will provide for you and they will guide you step-by-step through the entire process.

Tip 3 – Job Site Safety

Do not leave the site unattended unless hazards, such as open holes, have been covered. All unfinished parts of the commercial playground equipment should be roped off to prevent access. If possible, we recommend that you have have a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) on-site as the assembly progresses, or at least to inspect the finished playground. Keep the finished installation project roped off and do not permit access to the playground for at least 48 hours to allow concrete to harden.

Tip 4 – Safety Surfaces

You will need to ensure that an approved surfacing material is used to be compliant with most insurance companies. The surfacing material used should have a critical height value of at least the height of the highest designated play surface on the equipment. If this seems like too much to process, no worries -we can provide some guidance in this area. Just give us a call.

Tip 5 – Playground Maintenance

It’s super important that you plan to perform monthly maintenance checks on your equipment. We will send you a checklist to keep you on track. This will keep your playground system in good shape for kids to enjoy for a long time.

By following all the tips listed above, your commercial playground equipment will be assembled properly and safely, ensuring that the next step is the best step – PLAY!