Activity Improves Learning

If you’ve ever spent time around antsy kids, you know that getting those wiggles out actually helps create space for learning. Intentional activity improves learning skills, concentration, and memory. With the right combination of playground equipment for schools and social stimulation, students benefit through activities gained during playtime. Here is a look at three key benefits that result from activity in school playgrounds.

1 – Leads To Better Performance On Test

When children engage in fun activities that get them moving, this increases the flow of blood in their bodies, including their brains. Exercise at school, like playing on a playground, helps the body by sending oxygenated blood to the brain.

More Blood Means Better Brain Health

This oxygenated blood improves brain health through a process called neurogenesis which generates neurons in the brain. A healthy brain receiving higher volumes of blood containing oxygen in it will lead to an increase in academic performance.

Exercise Helps A Child’s Brain

Depending on the age of the child, this form of exercise – playing outside on playground equipment –  is great for that child’s developing brain. It can be the difference between A’s and C’s on tests taken during class.

2 – Improves Memory, Focus and Attention

The increase in blood flow through the body and brain of a child that results from the activity on playground equipment for schools has a positive impact on cognitive function. Research completed at the Neuro-cognitive Kinesiology Laboratory in Illinois verifies this. 

What The Study Says

The director of the NKL, Charles Hillman, says that his findings indicate that children who engage in physical activity in school playgrounds may have the ability to improve their memory, focus, and attention. 

How The ERPs Respond To Exercise

“We found that there were changes in their event-related brain potentials (ERPs),” stated Hillman. “In these neuroelectric signals that are a covert measure of attentional resource allocation.” In other words, activity improves learning.

3 – Promotes Positive Learning

Children having fun through exercise and sporting activities not only focus better but they will become more engaged with their peers and teachers. The increased blood flow to the brain that happens as a result of playtime activities encourages bonding and friendships.

How Engagement Leads To Positive Outcomes 

As children play together on the playground equipment they create memories together. As they create new games, this helps develop the imagination. Benefits from this activity will also enhance information processing and behavior. 

How Fun Combats Negative Feelings

Cognitive psychology studies provide clinical evidence that stress, boredom, confusion, low motivation, and anxiety can also interfere with learning. However, when a child is experiencing fun through exercise, activity, and social stimulation this improves learning.

So What Have We Learned So Far?

Playtime is vital in a child’s life. It stimulates brain activity that comes from an increased blood flow that is generated by physical activity. Children who do not engage in playtime on in school playgrounds are less likely to perform well on tests, control their behavior or have fun.

How Can We Ensure That All Children Improve Their Learning Skills?

That’s an easy one – PLAY! Gulf Coast Recreation understands the connection between activity and improved learning. In fact, we strive to be experts in the playground industry and love to help our customers find playground equipment that can get their kids moving and having fun together!

Why Get Your Playground Equipment From Us?

One of our goals is to help generations of children have the chance to experience the wonders of playtime. If you’re looking for a play system for your school, we’d love to have a conversation and make sure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions. We know that educating kids is a hard job with various challenges and stimulating activity and imagination can only help. It’s like our company tagline says: Ready. Set. PLAY!